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Beautiful Redhead, Color fading too fast?

Updated: May 21, 2020

Beautiful Redhead Color Fading too Fast
Beautiful Redhead Color Fading too Fast

Why does red color fade so fast and what can I do about it.

What hair color does, small color molecules penetrate each hair cuticle, and enter the hair cortex. They react with the melanin in your hair. Most formulas usually have ammonia and peroxide. Permanent shades can lighten, add tone and cover 100% of grays. It may fade slightly but it never washes out.

Red Hair Color in Parkland
Red Hair Color

Red hair color tends to have a larger color molecule, causing it to penetrate the hair cuticle, but not as deeply as the any other color, meaning it is sitting more on top of the hair. This is what causes your color to fade faster.

What can you do to help the color last longer? After dyeing your hair, do not wash it for two whole days. When you do wash your hair, use color-safe, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Wash your hair in cold water. Since we are not supposed to wash our hair every day, even though most of us do, I little trick you can use Baby Powder. Baby powder will help absorb the oils in your hair as well as helping to keep your hair smelling fresh. You can also use shampoos and conditioners specifically for red hair. These shampoos and conditioners generally have tone in them. One that comes to mind is Adveda madder root. If you use this product once a week and leave it in your hair for 20 to 30 minutes it will help preserve your color. These are many different brands of shampoo and conditioners that will help preserve your color as well.

Warm Red Hair Colors Coral Springs
Warm Red Hair Colors Coral Springs

The sun and your hair. The Sun especially in Florida will cause fading. If you do spend a lot of time in the sun consider using a leave-in conditioner that has a UV protectant in it. There are many different leave- in conditioners that offer UV protectant. Before using thermal appliances such as blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron make sure to use a thermal protectant on your hair.

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