Hair salons earn their reputations by how well they keep up with trends and services customers demand. Among residents located in and around Coral Springs, global Keratin is one of the most popular and in-demand options. At Split Endz, our staff is experienced with Global Keratin, and offers this service to our clients on a daily basis. Global Keratin is a great way to achieve smooth and straight hair that turns heads everywhere clients go in greater Coral Springs. If you’re thinking about keratin , make an appointment with our staff to learn how this could change your look and outlook.



Smooth Styling with Global Keratin

Go Straight to the Point with Global Keratin

People with curly, unmanageable or frizzy hair often envy people who have straight, silky, and shiny hair. They have traditionally resorted to chemicals and irons in an attempt to straighten their hair. Today, these same curly-haired people located in greater Coral Springs have an easier way to straighten their hair with global keratin. This amazing option straightens hair from deep within, removing frizz and relaxing curl, leaving hair smooth, shiny, and lustrous. With global keratin, clients in Coral Springs and surrounding cities have another reason to come to Split Endz, where we ensure they leave with a smile on their face.


Global Keratin – The First Step to Healthier Hair

Many hair treatments are tough on hair, and have detrimental side effects on the hair. Global Keratin is different – it serves to enhance hair with every treatment. No longer will clients in greater Coral Springs suffer from damaged hair when there’s global keratin to the rescue. With every treatment, keratin builds up on the hair, leaving it straighter and healthier. Clients in and around Coral Springs can look forward to hair that is low in maintenance and high in compliments. So why not make an appointment today – see what global keratin can do to make your hair amazing and healthy.